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"To become hard of hearing is tough. God gave me a special day the first time I walked through Dr. Melissa Green’s office door. She is a truly caring, qualified professional. You feel immediately that she is interested in helping you to again hear beautiful music, birds singing and children’s laughter. Dr. Green and her staff always greet you with smiles. Although busy, they never appear to rush you. I have and always will continue to blow the horn, not just toot, for Dr. Green." Minnie Wade C. Atwater
"My hearing loss began in early adulthood due to nerve loss. I got my first hearing aids, with Ken Pollard when he was with an ENT group. I followed him when he opened his own practice, Pollard Professional Hearing Service. I have seen him retie and Dr. Melissa Green take over the reins. I don’t know how many years. I am totally deaf, socially, without my hearing aids. I have always trusted them completely and have always been satisfied with their service and products. They have become my friends." Martha J. Jones
"When it was determined that I indeed needed hearing aids, I was at a loss to know where to go. Traveling up Vineville Avenue, I often noticed the sign, “Pollard Hearing.” As this would be “close to home,” I stopped inn one day and was warmly greeted by Mr. Pollard. He put me at ease and I purchased my first set of hearing aids. Oh no! Mr. Pollard retiring! But the first visit with Melissa put me at ease. I am on my 2nd set now. If you want friendly, knowledgeable service, Melissa Green is the person to visit. You will never regret it!" Betty J. Ohstrom
"Dr. Melissa V. Green, Au. D, Doctor of Audiology, is currently attending to my hearing impediment, which I have had for over 10 years. I find her to be very knowledgeable, sensitive and possesses excellent people skills. Due to the nature of my impediment, not all doctors take the time to know you as a person to enable them to treat your condition. Hearing losses differs from individual to individual not all are the same. Each person have their own unique circumstances. Through her recommendation, I have a very discreet set of hearing aids that set will in my ears, the color is excellent and the price is phenomenal. I would highly recommend Dr. Melissa Green to anyone that has/or is suffering with a hearing impediment." Thank you Dr. Green. Rosetta Smith
"I am very pleased to recommend Pollard Hearing and Melissa Green to anyone. She is a caring, knowledgeable person that works to help you hear better and keep you that way. Melissa will take the time needed to help you and represents several companies so she can give you the hearing aid that will best meet your needs." Charles Schiable
"I am a professional singer and I hear better using the Linx 2 than any other hearing aid. A singer has to hear his voice so he can adjust tone and volume. Without a doubt, the Linx 2 hearing aids are the finest aids I have used in the last 20 years. I can hear in restaurants, church, and public places. If you want to hear at your best, this is the hearing aid to get. It has not let me down in any situation. I highly recommend the Resound Linx 2 hearing aid." Hines V. Causey
"I can hear much better with the new Linx 2 hearing aids. The clarity of voices and sounds is much clearer. I enjoy being able to program my hearing aids with my iPhone for different locations such as restuarants, my church and my automobile. The new Linx 2 aids are, at least, 75% better than my other hearing aids. I have had four different sets of hearing aids over the years and I would highly recommend the Linx 2 hearing aids to anyone with hearing difficulties." Donald Young